About Us

Pico & Poco means “little” in Italian and Spanish terms.

We believe that all great things in life start small. Here at Pico & Poco, we will style you up with our modern, versatile and luxurious pieces, little by little.

Pico & Poco is the realisation of 3 girls' dreams of just wanting to share fashion with everyone else through 1 man's adhesive connection.

With our differences in age, taste, style and appetite for colours, the members of Pico & Poco have had long and countless discussions about the apparels we want to share, our target audience and who we are. Quite fruitless as you have / will discovered / discover, we have set our differences aside. We have acknowledged that fashion and style know no boundaries and have no limits. Hence, we present to you a range of everyday apparels which we hope you will love and enjoy.

Pico & Poco is brought to you by TTYL Pte. Ltd.